Beppie II Van Kamphuis

(Nick I Schreur x Molly Rambags)

Beppie is our new female puppy that we have bought as a dog to trial with and also to breed to in future, all being well.

Beppie is linebred on Duco II Seegers, a dog known to be a producer of tough and hard police dogs. Her bloodlines also go back on top tier producers such as Rambo v Rossum and Breston Massop. Her bloodline full of hard and serious dogs.

We are very happy with her and we look forward to training her as time goes on.


Toppie Van Kamphuis

(Santos Zwart x Yuna Evers)

Toppie is a new female puppy that we have bought. Toppie, like Beppie II, goes back to Duco II Seegers.

We look forward to seeing Toppie grow up, and spending time training her.


Pedigreed V's Un-pedigreed

As is the case with the Dutch Shepherd, the Malinois used in the KNPV, as well as the NVBK, mostly come from un-pedigreed dogs. The reason for this is simple, it is alot easier to find a Malinois more suited to KNPV and our needs from the KNPV un-pedigreed dogs than from the pedigreed dogs.