References and feedback

I want to recommend Gerben Kamphuis for he is a very knowledgeable dog breeder and trainer. As part of my breeding program I bought two adult dogs from him, both titled (ph1). First of all he tries to understand your needs and once he does he gets for you the best available dogs in Holland. He also sold me 1 young female and 2 puppies, all of them with great character. A very remarkable thing is that Gerben has a very deep knowledge of the different mali & dutch bloodlines available in Europe and as a result of that and his big professional net (contacts) he can get what you are looking for.
Further more we were fortunate enough to have Gerben teach us some of his training techniques here in Mexico during a seminar. In other words if I had to do everything again I would go directly to Gerben with the only difference that this time I would not have to go over all those other guys that sell dogs as well. " 

Alberto - Mexico

I have known Gerben and Monique Kamphuis for a number of years now, and I have learnt a great deal about the different Dutch Shepherds and Malinois found in the KNPV. They helped me source our import Dutch Shepherds and spent time explaining the different bloodlines and what produced what. The dogs we have got from them are of the highest quality. They were also very honest and everything was what they said it was.

We can recommend them to anyone looking for quality KNPV dogs, be they Dutch Shepherds or Malinois, without hesitation. 

Chris Jones - Australia

I just want to thank Gerben and Monique Kamphuis for the 2 wonderful
puppies that I was able to purchase from them.Before getting the puppies, I
was able to talk to Gerben and he ask me what, I was looking for in a Dutch
Shepherd.I wanted a dog that would be easy to train and fun to be with and
also had all the qualitys of a working line Dutch Shepherd. Well I can say
in truth, he gave me just what I was looking for and much more.My 2 Arko
puppies have brought some much joy to my life.They are fun to be with and
very loyal at this young age.There drive is over the top.Both Gerben and
Monique Kamphuis have been a pleasure to work with and are very honest
people.If they cannot find you the type of dog that you want,they let you
know right away.There breeding program is excellent and the pups that I
purchase from them are just what they said and more.If you are looking to
purchase a dog of quality, Gerben and Monique Kamphuis are the breeders to
purchase from.
Malcolm Ali--- Los Angeles California






As time goes by we will add more references and feedback given to us.